Monday, July 19, 2010


I have certainly been missing from the blogging world lately, but I promise I haven't been sitting on my butt eating bon bons. I have certainly been MIA. Besides working way too much, I have still been having loads of fun in my little yellow kitchen whilst also developing new talents in our office/sewing room. For Christmas my mother in law gave me a sewing machine and from the minute I started my first project I have been hooked. In many ways, apart from my sanity inducing gym classes, sewing has become my newest therapy. I have been having a blast. Now my biggest challenge is trying to finish one project before starting another. My mind is buzzing with ideas and projects I am looking forward to starting. Look below to see some of my projects I have been working on.

I was thrilled to have a new nephew on the way- his arrival was an awesome excuse to get busy on my sewing machine. Welcome little bebe Carson we love you!

The quilt I made for Carson

Some personalized onsies. I had lots of fun making these.