Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Serious catch up! San Diego in May

I have absolutely been slacking with my blogging lately. So much has been going on. I'm going to see how far back my memory takes me and work forward from there.

San Diego! At the end of May right before Brad's 30th b'day he had to take a week long business trip to San Diego. We thought it would be fun to meet him in San Diego half way through the week and spend some time together, enjoy Brad's birthday and some lovely San Diego sunshine. We had such a fun time. We swam all day, enjoyed some tasty meals, went for some nice drives and spent a day at Sea World.

Sea World had a brand new whale show starting the day we went to Sea World and it was really neat to get to see it. We all enjoyed it.

It is so incredible to see such large and heavy animals jump out of the water like they do.

Gabe was fascinated by the "Nemo" fish

Watching the seals

The polar bears were also very cool

The Sea Lion show was our favorite. We laughed hysterically through the whole show. Sea World was worth it just to see this show.

There was a really neat shallow pool filled with star fish that the kids could touch, feel and pick up briefly. Gabe absolutely loved being able to touch the star fish

You looking at me?

Enjoying the rides