Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Gabe has been excited for Halloween for literally 6 months. Every day he would tell me what he was going to be (usually something different everyday) and what I could be and what Brad could be (again something different every day). I was getting nervous with all of his indecisiveness about a costume until a week before Halloween when he finally decided that this year he wanted to be the black Spiderman aka Venom.

We ordered his costume online and everyday he waited and waited with great anticipation for it to arrive in the mail. Once it did arrive, he didn't have to be wearing it constantly but he did like to take it with us pretty much everywhere we went and he always had to have it in his backpack when he went to school.

We went to the annual trick or treating extravaganza at Brad's office on the Thursday before Halloween. Then we went to our ward trunk or treat on the Saturday night and then finally on Halloween day Gabe got to go to a Halloween party at Brad's Uncle Terry and Aunty Cerena's house. On Halloween night, he had a blast answering the door and handing out the candy to all the kids who came by. The door bell would ring and he would sprint from the back of the house to the front to open the door. Brad and I were forbidden from answering the door all night.

He had a blast this year and is already planning for Halloween next year.

We just love our little Spiderman.

When we first got to Brad's office he was being a little coy...just like Mum and Dad he doesn't like all the attention

Warming up

There we go

Brad's whole office really goes all out for Halloween...it's pretty neat.

The upper management of the company were all dressed as Garden gnomes.

Gabe and his little friend Jaxon who is 3 months YOUNGER than Gabe. This photo cracks me up. Jaxon is SO huge. Brad and Jaxon's Daddy John carpool together.

We also had my niece Payton (Jarom's baby) with us. She wasn't too sure about allot of the costumes and decorations but she is always happy if uncle Brad is holding her.

The little Lion

Look at those eyes. She is a cutie just like her Daddy!