Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Imagination

I just love this little guy. He is SO smart and his little imagination keeps me laughing all day long. He loves to build and fix things and is the happiest kid in the world if he is using tools of some sort. He is a little clone of his Daddy- which I love!

This morning (because Brad has been in Texas all week) Gabe and I mowed the lawn. Note- This is the first time in our 7+ years marriage I have mowed Brad's precious lawn. Hence, I am not too savy with our lawn mower. In fact I had some trouble getting it started and my 3 year old was the one who was instructing me. He also knew where the gas can was when we ran out...I didn't!

While I was sweeping he turned to me and said as he does all throughout the day at random times:

Gabe- " how's your day?"
Me- "Good, it's pretty warm out here huh? We are working really hard, How's your day going so far?"
Gabe- "Good (***big sigh***) we are working really hard huh Mummy? You are doing a good job to mow the lawn"
Me- "Thanks son" =)

A couple of weeks ago Gabe was "fixing the flat tire on his Mater" I got some cute pics of him "working" I love how he comes up with this stuff all on his own. Pretty clever "Jack" huh?!

My little guy

He cracks me up. This is the BEST job in the world!


Amber said...

I saw you mowing the back when I was walking this morning. I was very impressed I think I mowed half the lawn, once. What cute pictures of gabe!

Kami said...

Good job mowing the lawn. I've only mowed ours once since we've been married as well. Aren't we lucky to have such great husbands? I love the pictures of Gabe.

Felicity said...

haha - Chad and I have beem married for 10 years and I haven't mowed the lawn once :) it is however on my list of things I want to do...haha

love the conversation with Gabe! He is so cute!!