Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

I love this song, but it is impossible for me to listen to it without crying.

As we get ready to head to Australia and New Zealand, two places I consider home, I am overwhelmed with excitement and anxiety. I have patiently waited more than 8 LONG years to go home and it is FINALLY here, it is FINALLY my turn. I'll likely be a blubbering mess the whole time, but I'm ready to find some closure and make some fun new memories with my two favorite boys and the family and friends we will visit while there.

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Felicity said...

Natalie I'm SO dissapointed I didn't see this before you were here! our internet has been playing up for WEEKS AND WEEKS and I haven't been doing my usuall blog hopping so I didn't see this - NOOOOOOO :)! Warren said you all had a lovely dinner at Mike and Shelly's - It would have been so lovely to meet with you guys and your gorgeous little boy! Oh well next time I guess or when we come to the states :)

Hope you guys are having a GREAT time wherever you!!!

much love