Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Ammon- sneak preview

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of taking some baby pics of my friend Amber's new little baby boy Ammon yesterday. She is so kind to let me practice on her little guy. I can NOT even put into words how cute this little guy is. I really, honestly could steal him! I could look at his little pictures all day! As you can see from the pics he has gorgeous amounts of this soft, white hair which is just to die for and he his little body is absolutely covered in white fuzzy hair. He is soft and sweet and smells like a baby should and I just had so much fun editing his pictures and putting together some announcements for my sweet friend. Here are some samples...SO hard to chose just a few. I will post the sample announcements tomorrow. Although I have so much catch up blogging to do, I just HAD to share some of these.

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Felicity said...

oh these are SO so cute! LOVE the ones of him with his face propped up on his arms!! You're such a great photographer!!