Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am way behind in blogging about Gabe's birthday which was in August but I figure better late than never. Life is crazy busy and I simply haven't had the time.

Meet the newest member of the Bentley household. This is Gabe's fish - Coconut.

Aunty Shanna started a fun tradition this year. That is, for each cousins second birthday she buys the bithday boy or girl a fish. Gabe was thrilled when he opened his present from Uncle Brian and Aunty Shanna. We were all over at Nana and Pappa's house opening presents and after he opened his fish Brad and I asked him what he wanted to name it. We weren't sure too sure what he was going to say- he is after all 2! After us asking him a couple of times he turned to us and as clear as day said "Coconut". Coconut it is then we said. We all started laughing hysterically at this smart little two year old who named his very own fish Coconut. Hearing Gabe say coconut in his cute little munchkin voice was pricless.

It has now become part of our morning and evening routine to feed Coconut. Gabe gets so excited to feed him/her (lol not sure of the sex- just shows what I know about fish) and it is so cute to watch him do it.

Thank you Aunty Shanna and Uncle Brian...we love you!

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