Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is a little belated but better late than never has become my motto lately. Gabe LOVES Elmo and so this year when I girl I worked with mentioned she had an Elmo costume I could borrow I jumped at the chance. I thought Gabe would be thrilled!!!

However, this year our two year old decided he didn't want to dress up for Halloween. Any time i got his costume out and put it on him he would say "I no like it" and ask us to take it off. He would look at us as if to say "Why would I wear that?" Though I was disappointed at first, I decided to pick my battles and not stress out about it. We "practiced" wearing Elmo a few time before Halloween but to no avail.

On the day of Brad's work Halloween trick or treating day we walked in the office Brad holding Gabe and myself holding Elmo. It only took a couple of minutes of Gabe watching all the kids dressed up and getting candy for him to work out why Elmo was necessary. He let us put Elmo on, trick or treated for a while and then as soon as he decided he had gathered enough candy he asked us to take it off. We didn't take the camera to Brad's work that day because we didn't think he would wear his costume, but these shots we managed to get at home one day when we were practicing.

Elmo is coming to town in December and I splurged and bought 3rd row center seats for Brad, Gabe and I. I can't wait to take him!!!

Now you see it, now you don't!


Jill said...

He makes an adorable Elmo. We had the opposite problem with Haley this year. She won't take off her costume. In fact she still wears it around once in awhile. She was a pink leopard. It's amazing that we survive as parents.

Jason and Erin Webster said...

Very cute!

The Astons said...

oh that is so so cute!!!! In fact it might actually be the cutest little costume I have seen (i do love elmo - and Gabe is adorable)!!