Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Lucky and Loved Three Year Old Boy

This past Wednesday, my baby boy turned the big 3! I can't believe that 3 years have gone by already. This year we kinda went all out and Gabe got very spoiled. His biggest surprise was his play set that Brad spent hours putting together the Monday and Tuesday nights before Gabe's b'day. He would come home from work, eat dinner and then head straight out to his "meetings" or at least that is what I told Gabe. He was really working away quietly in our backyard putting Gabe's big present together. Enjoy the pics...much more birthday stuff to come.

Gabe woke up to this on his b'day morning. Brad was up till almost 1:00 AM putting his surprise together and I didn't get done making his tractor blanket till after midnight. It was a late night and an early morning, but the look on Gabe's face was so worth it...excuse Brads was still rather dark as it was QUITE early!

After opening his gifts we blind folded him for his big surprise

He really wasn't too sure about me leading him out to our backyard blind folded.


Ta-Da...he wasted no time!

The Birthday Boy!

Head to....

Toe gorgeous...straight up! Love this little guy sooooooo much!


Kami said...

What a fun day!! I wish I could've seen the look on Gabe's face when he found THAT present in the backyard!

Felicity said...

That is the BEST present EVER :) I can just imagine his face when you took off the blind fold!