Monday, August 2, 2010

A Quilt for Kayla

I'm only very new to making fun things with my sewing machine but all of the little projects I have worked on so far have been very special to me for one reason or another. I recently finished my second (ever) baby blanket/quilt for a very precious baby girl. Six months ago my friends Dusty and Holly (Holly's blog had their third child, their first baby girl. They named her Kayla. Upon her arrival it was discovered that Kayla was born with Trisomy 21.

Last night we finally had the chance to go and visit Kayla and to giver her the blanket I had made for her. We had so much fun cuddling with this sweet baby girl. She was so cute and had such a calm, pleasant smiley personality. There is nothing like holding a sweet baby in your arms, but there was just something extra special about holding and loving this baby girl. You can almost feel her special little spirit as you hold her and you can't help but feel what a tremendous blessing she is. I wanted to take her home with us and have missed her all day. I can't really describe the feelings I had while I was holding her. Though we were only there to visit for a while, somehow holding her you can feel the enormous responsibility you have to take extra special care of her. You can feel that Heavenly Father has a special love for her and you know that he and many angels are watching over her.

I am SO looking forward to visiting Kayla again this Friday and am thrilled at the idea of eating some of Holly's delicious food. Check out her blog and you can see why. Jealous? should be! Holly truly is a phemomenon!

Baby Kayla (I pinched these pictures from Holly's blog)

Kayla's Quilt

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