Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun- Rice Krispie Birds Nest

I had been wanting to do some kind of fun Easter activity with Gabe this year but wasn't feeling brave enough OR energetic enough to venture into the world of coloring eggs. In my mind, I saw stained fingers, clothes, possibly rainbow splattered walls and floors etc and so decided to stay on the safer side of the line. I had seen these on a number of food blogs and thought they seemed fun and not too dangerous given my little guy is a feisty 3 year old.

I had a couple of our cute little neighbor girls come and do these with us tonight and they all had a blast. Emma, the younger sister is Gabe's first little crush. He absolutely loves her. If he had his way he would play with her all day and all night long. Anytime we bake something, he has to take a slice or a piece to Emma. He loves to shower her with food, flowers and anything else he can. He and Emma love to play "Mommy's and Daddy's in our backyard any chance they get. I get such a kick out of hearing their little grown up conversations and just love that Gabe has such a sweet little friend to play with. I absolutely love these girls. I can't wait for long summer days so they can play, play, play!

Gracie helping me mold the nests She is my sidekick!

Emma oh so carefully putting her nest together

The three Rugrats. Gracie, Emma and Gabe

Gracie working on her nest. We had rice Krispie bowls for the nests molded using dessert bowls, chocolate covered Chinese noodles (sticks), some coconut I tinted green and then toasted (grass), mini marshmallow's for extra padding so our birds were comfy, robins eggs and our peep birdies

You gotta eat as you play

My nest- Hey I was in the mood for a little fun too!

Cute little Emma

Sweet Gracie! Work it girl, work it!

We had lots of fun!

Gabe is so excited for Easter this year and I am having all sorts of fun getting excited with him. Happy Easter!!

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