Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gabe is walking!

This past Sunday evening at about 9:00 pm during some family fun time on the floor our little man took his first unaccompanied steps! Both Brad and I were sitting on the floor playing with Gabe and Gabe took three steps from daddy to mummy. We were both so excited and were screaming, laughing and jumping up and down. Wanting to make sure it wasn't a fluke, we encouraged Gabe to walk again and for the next half an hour (until he was SO ready for bed) he walked from daddy to mummy a bunch of times.

On Monday while I was home with Gabe during the day, we spent some more time practicing his walking and standing alone. At one point he walked seven steps to get to me. It was so cute watching him be so proud and get so excited himself. A few times he would pull himself to standing position and just stand there for a few seconds and look at me as if to say "Look mum, I can stand all by myself!” I of course was jumping up and down like a crazy lady, shrieking and cheering him on. Gabe thought that was pretty entertaining too.

When daddy got home from school, we showed him just how much progress Gabe had made. Over the course of the evening Gabe, Brad and I had so much fun having Gabe walk between us. We are both so thrilled that he walked for us first and that we were all home as a family to share this momentous occasion. We are so proud of our little walker! I will have to post some pics soon!


Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

It was so fun to see Gabe walking yesterday! He is so amazing, and so smart! And I absolutely love his curls!!

The Bentley Family said...

Thanks Shanna. You're a doll! Good luck today and I'll see you tonight!

Mimi Sue said...

Oh never mind I found your blog. Duh. He is such a cutie. You all are truly blessed. Sue