Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I had all sorts of grand plans to go through and clean my house from top to bottom. Evidently, that didn't happen! Instead Brad, Gabe and I were having too much fun just being home together as a family. Cleaning was no longer one of my top priorities. On Saturday we went to have one year old pictures taken of Gabe in the morning, ran some errands, took long naps (ahhhh) and then in the evening went and had a picnic dinner at Barnes Park. We had lots of fun feeding the crazy ducks, walking around the park and playing on the playground. It was the first time Brad and I had taken Gabe to the park and he LOVED it. We took him on a couple of the slides and he was not a happy camper when it was time to go home. He was NOT done yet! We also put Gabe's "big boy" car seat in mummy's car and Gabe took his first ride in it. He thought he was so grown up.

Sunday after church, was spent just lounging at home. We love to get in our comfy sweats and just be home together. It really is our favorite thing to do. Life just seems so busy sometimes, that it is nice to have those days where we don't have to go anywhere. For Gabe's first birthday, Brad picked out a cool little walker toy for Gabe to encourage him to learn how to walk. It is the character Mater from the Cars movie (of course...if Brad picked it out) and Gabe can either sit on it and ride it, or hold onto the back of it and walk around. So far Gabe has loved sitting on it and pushing the buttons and loves to dance to the songs it plays, but we wanted to see how he would do walking behind it. The minute I stood him behind it he was beaming and then off he went. He had so much fun walking around the house pushing his little car. It was so cute to see how proud he was that he was walking around on his own. He kept looking back at us as if to say "Do you see what I can do?".

Sunday was a crazy stormy day and it was so much fun to be at home all snuggled together watching and listening to the rain and thunder. Gabe particularly liked watching the rain and after dinner I took him outside and we ran around in the rain for a few minutes and found some puddles to splash in. He thought it was great!

On Monday Brad started working on his special project for Gabe. On Saturday evening after our picnic we had gone to some stores to look for a toy box for Gabe's toys. After looking at a few stores, Brad determined that none of the ones we found were "good enough" for his Gabe and that he was going to make him one. Those of you who know Brad, know that he is incredibly handy and can build anything so even though I was thinking it would just be easier to buy one, it has been cute to watch him design and work on his "special" toy box for Gabe.

In the evening on Monday, we went out for dinner with some friends to Olive Garden. We had a great time and Gabe had his first taste of spaghetti. Gabe is currently going through a very independent phase and insisted on feeding himself. It was quite funny to watch him try and get the slippery spaghetti into his mouth. Needless to say, he and the floor beneath him was quite a mess when we left. Sorry Olive Garden! It was so nice to spend a relaxing weekend at home together doing whatever we wanted. Neither mummy or daddy were ready to go back to work today!

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Jason and Erin Webster said...

so precious!!! we miss you guys!