Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A BIG and BUSY Thanksgiving weekend

I don't remember who's motto it was to "Go big or go home", but that sure seems to be how things have been for us lately and why not? Tis the season.

This past weekend was a big and very fun one. It all started the night before the night before Thanksgiving at my place making pies with my sister in law Shanna. Every year my mother in law has a 'pie night' the night before Thanksgiving at my in-laws house for family, friends and neighbors. There is loads of people and loads of pie. This year Shanna and I were asked to help make pies so we decided to get together at my place to make them. Though we had both been at work all day prior to our pie making venture and were a little tired we had lots of fun flouring up my kitchen. Shanna made a strawberry pie (which was sooooo good) and an apple pie and I made a mixed berry pie and a Hershies Kisses Mint cheesecake.

So on Wednesday night, we headed over to the in-laws house for a slice of pie or two, three, four and enjoyed visiting with family and friends.

On Thanksgiving, we headed to Brads Aunt and Uncles house, Terry and Cerena Welch for a thanksgiving dinner. Now I know for most people Thanksgiving means eating yourself sick and silly, but when you are a foreigner such as I and you don't like Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, American yams or green bean casserole then its just a fun time to visit with family. That I did. Oh and what I didn't eat for dinner I sure made up for with dessert! I had a blast hanging out and laughing with Liz and Shanna and the other cousins and we were all thoroughly entertained by our two one year olds. Any party with two one year olds never seems to disappoint.

The Bentley girls.

Gabe had so much fun playing on the floor. Uncle Brian would smell his feet and say "Peeeuuu Gabe, your feet stink!" and Gabe would laugh and laugh.

This is the pear cake I made to take for dessert for Thanksgiving. A friend of mine had made it recently for a Young Women’s thing and I just had to have the recipe. I don't even like pears but this cake is moist and refreshing, not to sweet and sickly. It is served with a divine homemade caramel sauce.

Thanksgiving also happens to fall on my little nephew's birthday and this year it was his first! So after dinner, Shanna came to my house and helped me make a special birthday cake for Andrew. In all honesty I didn't have as much time and or energy to work on it as i would have liked but I was still pleased with the end result. I was so thankful that Shanna was there to keep me sane whilst I frosted away and was willing to help out when my hand was paralyzed from all the squeezing. Once the cake was ready to go we went to Blake and Liz's house for a little cake and ice cream party for Andrew and had more fun visiting while the CRAZY shoppers in the family sifted through adds for the big day after sales.

The train cake.

On Friday morning we had a lovely brunch for the married Bentley kids at our place. I attempted to decorate a nice table and we had yummy breakfast casserole (made by Liz), strawberry stuffed French toast, pancakes, fruit, milk and juice. Again we had fun visiting some more and laughing at the little ones. No shopping for us this year. Instead we enjoyed hearing the stories of Brian and Shanna who had been up since some unholy hours in an attempt to get some great deals.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home cleaning the house, raking leaves, napping and generally just recovering from all the family get-togethers. Gabe had fun raking leaves with Daddy and even enjoyed a little pie of his own...mud pie that is. On Sunday night we did have some fun finger painting with Gabe though.

Notice the dirt around his mouth!

What touches the hands, must also touch the mouth!

This year our little family has much to be thankful for and i could go on and on. Most importantly though, we are thankful to have each other and we were so grateful for the time we had this past weekend to be together. We hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and we send our love and best wishes for a memorable Christmas season. Go do some good!


Mimi Sue said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous weekend. Your festive table was cute. You baked yourself silly, that pear cake looked great. Did it taste as good as it looked? I was one of the crazies at 4 AM on Fri. It was fun. The little girls brought me a present...Pink eye! Very contagious so I've been staying away from people I like so they don't get it too. Have a good day at work. Sue

Brian and Shanna said...

I loved how you decorated the table! It was awesome! I'm glad that you got to relax on Saturday and Sunday. And it was a super fun weekend!