Sunday, December 21, 2008

WHAT a couple of weeks we've had! Primal scream anyone?

These past couple of weeks have really been something else for our little family. After talking to friends and family, it seems like every man and his dog either have or have had the stomach flu lately and we were NO exception. After a weekend family event (isn't that always how it happens?)Gabe was the first one hit. Though I'm thinking now...two weeks later that what Gabe probably had was Rotavirus it has been the PITS. I tell you what, you know your a mum when your child vomits (not just once) on you and then you find yourself changing and or cleaning up nasty messy nappies every couple of minutes for a couple of weeks. Then it was my turn! UGH!. Thankfully my version of events was much less dramatic but no fun nonetheless. I don't know that there is ever a good time to get the stomach flu, but it sure did feel like this was a particularly bad time. Gabe and I got sick right as Brad was in his final week of the semester with mountains of homework and big assignments due. Then came finals week. Long story short we have been house bound for a couple of weeks now and Christmas Day is fast approaching. I haven't been grocery shopping (now a week over due) so have little left in the cupboards and am in desperate need to hit the mall to do ALL my Christmas shopping. This past week as the cupboards were becoming VERY bare, I think we hit every fast food chain in Kaysville. Thankfully one day last week some sweet friends brought us dinner. Thanks to the Olsen's!

Pardon me while I engage in a primal scream!!!!!!! This too shall pass. EVENTUALLY. I just hope it is soon. Tis the sicky season! I keep telling myself that if I were home right now in good ol Australia we would not be around sick people, or snow. Gotta stop doing that! LOL.


Mimi Sue said...

Keep a positive thought that you will ALL be feeling well starting tomorrow. No more sickness! Poor things. Thank you so much for the cinnamin rolls they were delish. I had mine for dinner tonight. You are becoming a great baker. Have a wonderful Christmas. It should be a fun one with your little Gabe. Sue

Melisa said...

Sorry to hear you've all been so ill. Never any fun. Hope your almost rid of it all. Merry Christmas.