Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love the smell of a real Christmas Tree

On Monday night after dinner we got all bundled up, jumped in Daddy's big red truck and went over to the nursery to pick out our Christmas tree. Growing up we only ever had a real tree and the smell brings back many fond memories so I just can't bring myself to cross over to the dark side and buy a fake one. There is just something about the look and smell of the real tree that makes it really feel like Christmas to me.

It was a cold, wet and somewhat snowy night but we had a blast. In past years Brad and I have always gone to a place in Layton which is basically a parking lot that has a bunch of trees in it for sale and some questionable looking guys selling them. This year however, we decided to go to a nursery in West Kaysville and I am so glad that we did. Once we had picked out the tree, we went inside the cute decorated store and enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies, listening to a gentleman playing guitar and singing Christmas songs and visiting with Santa. They even had face painting and craft making. Gabe loved walking around, dancing and looking at all the pretty decorations. He also had his first introduction to Santa. He cleared a corner and Santa was sitting on a chair and I said "look Gabe there's Santa". He looked once and then did a double take. He stood there for a minute just checking him out and then I said "Gabe can you wave to Santa?" He waived. In an attempt to get him closer, I said "Can you give Santa 5?" He gave Santa 5. Then I picked him up and put him on Santa’s lap. Nope, didn't like that and started to fuss. Gabe was more interested in the guy singing and playing the guitar.

Once we had our treat and warmed up a little, we enjoyed a hay ride around the nursery. Gabe loved it as they had a pen with some sheep in it. I wish I had taken my camera.

When we got home, Daddy trimmed the tree and brought it inside so that we could decorate it. It smells heavenly! I really love the tree. I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to decorating and my tree is no different. Just some pretty white lights and some colorful balls is all we need.

Notice the tree is small and is wedged in the corner between two couches. This is all in an attempt to keep Gabe from pulling it over or breaking the decorations. Maybe someday we will be able to put those vaulted ceilings to good use! But not this year. LOL.

Daddy putting the lights on the tree...Gabe supervising.

The tree


ThisBigSister said...

HAHAHAH!! I like how you barricaded it between the couches. Is that how you plan to keep Gabe out of it?

Mimi Sue said...

Once we put our tree in a playpen so the toddlers couldn't get it. It looked strange but worked well. I love that bread recipe. I make it all the time. It makes great breadsticks. Sue

The ANDERSON'S said...

It looks like a pretty tree. If it is rota Gabe has be sure to not catch it!!! I hear it is the worst. Some of the nurses I work with know first hand about it.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Love the tree! I also laughed how you have it blocked off from Gabe!! I am sure he is a smarty and will somehow find a way to get there!