Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fun Family Night...The Lights at Temple Square

On Monday night we went to see the lights at Temple Square with Uncle Brian and Aunty Shanna. It was the perfect night to go as it wasn't teeth shattering cold, it wasn't snowing or raining and there was no slippery snow on the footpaths. We had a blast. I absolutely love the look of lights in the trees. It is peaceful somehow. I think it would be neat to have a big long driveway lined with trees lit up by lights. Maybe someday!

Even though Christmas had come and gone, there were still lots of people checking out the lights. As always, the lights were beautiful and it was just a fun night all in all. Shanna was nice enough to be our photographer. Thanks Aunty Shanna for inviting us we love you!

Gabe had lots of fun walking around and exploring. He particularly enjoyed picking up clumps of snow and throwing them in the waterfall. It was cute to hear him make his own sound effects as the snow would hit the water. Funny kid.

Family pic in front of a nativity

Mr. Independent. We have entered the toddler phase in which Gabe thinks he is big enough to do everything. He has to sweep, mop, take out the rubbish, un-stack the dishwasher, put his clothes in the dirty laundry, blow dry my hair, brush my hair, brush my teeth and the list goes on. Whilst cute, it is sometimes a pain in the butt. When we were at Temple Square, he had to push the stroller. At one point in an attempt to distract him, I took off in front of he and Brad and he walked right up to another stroller and decided to push that one. He did love it however when we let him push and he ran into things. He would laugh and laugh when he would I would say "Crash" as we ran into people and other random objects. Good times!

Family picture in front of some lit up trees. The photos really don't do it justice. They were so gorgeous!

Temple Square


Corey and Liesl said...

Your little munchkin is so cute! Don't ya just love this stage....just wait until he turns 2!! Looks like you had fun!

ThisBigSister said...

Don't ever cut his hair. . . He is so dang cute.

Sage Hanks said...

I am so jealous! I wanted to go see the lights so bad this year but Christmas just came too fast!! Hope you guys had a great Christmas!