Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Adoption Poem

I wrote this a while back and found it today in a notebook. Thought I'd share. Keep in mine I am NO poet.

When two meet and fall in love, something special is started.
With an ever growing love and enhanced life experience comes the desire for the couple to share their love with a little one.
A petition is made to heaven for an angel to be sent to join this loving union.
For many this means nine months of planning and anticipation.
For others it means years of yearning, innumerable tears and seemingly unbearable heartache.
Then through the definers fire, the couple is prepared for the greatest of all miracles.
Through miraculous circumstances an angel is sent to fill the couples hearts with joy and love.
Hearts are mended and tears of heartache are replaces with tears of joy.
Faith is restored.
The union is complete.
A match made in Heaven, a family created for eternity.

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Brian and Shanna said...

I loved it. Thanks for sharing!! And you are a poet!