Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Canker Sore- Did you know?

Since I have had my braces, even the slightest bump to my mouth seems to cause not just one but MANY horrendous canker sores or ulcers as we called them in Australia. Anyone who has ever had one knows how painful they are and how miserable they can make you feel. Every time I got one or more I would feel so discouraged knowing that the next 7 days would not be pleasant and there wasn't a darn thing I could do to get rid of the little buggers.

At my last orthodontist appointment I happened to mention, in passing, to my orthodontist that it seems like I have had a lot more canker sores than usual since I got my braces. He told me that when he had his braces he had the same problem (some people do). He was advised by another more senior orthodontist that eating one tub of yogurt a day can keep the canker sores at bay. That's all I needed to hear. Sure enough the next week I had 3 large painful cankers and in remembering his advice started to down the yogurt. Much to my pleasant surprise all of the sores were gone in 2 days as opposed to the usual 7 days! I was healed! I could talk and eat again without wanting to cry!

Just thought I'd pass on this info. It really does work. Just one more benefit of getting your yogurt on!

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Melwel said...

I had no idea. Wayne and Tru get many cankers...I'm passing on the info