Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Word- One of my Favorites!

It seems that every day Gabe is learning a new trick or trying out new words. Though this seems to have been one of the most challenging stages of development with him being so mobile, VERY determined and at times wildly independent it has also been so much fun. There is nothing like watching him discover and then master a new skill or hearing him say a new word for the first time.

This morning when I went into Gabe's room to get him out of bed I said "Gabe can mummy have kisses?" To my surprise he responded by saying "kisses". At first I thought it was fluke so I said it again and then he repeated it 3 more times and once for Daddy. I couldn't wait to show Nana Sandy when we dropped him off this morning. First he said it for Bridger and Savannah and then once for Nana right before we left. I was SO proud.

Making the move- Look at those puckered up lips.


I am so grateful for everyday that I have to spend with my little angel and for every chance I have to kiss those cute little lips.


Brian and Shanna said...

Wow!! That is so fun! I can't wait to see that!!

Sage Hanks said...

I love how he's got his grip on your ears!!! He is sooooo cute!