Thursday, March 26, 2009

THE toy box and some pics of Gabe's nursery

A while ago I mentioned that my hubby was making Gabe a toy box for his room. With my husband being busy with work and school etc it has been a labor of love but this past weekend he finished it. I am so pleased with the result and so proud of my Brad for making such a cool toy box for our little angel. Brad you are amazing! I am so incredibly grateful to have a husband who is handy and not just handy but flat out brilliant when it comes to working with his hands. Thank you honey!
The project begins! Notice it is sunny outside and my hubby is in a t-shirt. I think he started it towards the end of the summer last year! I also love how he is using our mailbox as a work bench. No one can say he isn't innovative. Brad one day I'm going to buy you the nicest workbench ever made and we will have a garage for you to work in too. I promise!

Gabe loves to be involved so we moved the project inside so he could help daddy!

Starting to take shape

Almost done

I love the bead board that Brad put around it. It just finished it off so nicely. My favorite feature however is the gap Brad left around the edge so that Gabe can't get his fingers stuck when it closes. I would never have thought of that. My hubby is the best!

Ta da...All finished and moved into Gabe's nursery

No pants- we were getting ready for bed!Gabe loves his new toy box!

Cutest smile in the world!


Brian and Shanna said...

I really thought Brad did an awesome job with that! In fact it really inspired me to build something. Now I just wish I knew how to do it! And Gabe does have the cutest smile!

Jason and Erin Webster said...

That is awesome!! I totally want that toy box. I'll either have to see if Jason can pull something like that off, or commission Brad to make one for us!!! Also, that is the CUTEST picture of all time-the first one of Gabe sitting on the toy box! I need to see him in person soon!!

Kellie said...

I'm very impressed! I love the toy box!

Helen said...

Your nursery is gorgeous. I love what you did above the crib! Would you mind if I include it in the gallery on my website?
I would love for my readers to see it.
Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

The Astons said...

WOW! this looks like something from a catalogue! I love your little guys nursary!