Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday night "Pumpkin Pallooza"

Last night at the Botanical Gardens in Kaysville just down the road from our house, they had a "Pumpkin Pallooza" family night. There was face painting, card making, seed tasting, story telling, pumpkin carving, a pumpkin walk and a band. Each family could also pick and take home a pumpkin from a little pumpkin patch. Brad and I took Gabe and we met Aunty Liz and cousin Andrew there too. The boys were excited to see each other and had fun rocking out to the band. They are both such groovers! After spending some time at the "Pumpkin Pallooza" we headed to Just Desserts for a Monday night 25 cent soft serve sepcial. I always jump at any chance to get the boys together. They are so cute with each other and such good friends. We had a blast. Thanks for coming Aunty Liz and cousin Andrew! We love you guys.

I took this picture just as Andrew and Gabe saw each other. They were both so excited. I love Andrew's face in this picture and the fact that he was reaching out for his Cuz.

"Hey Man"

Giving each other "Loves".

Andrew was actually dancing when I took this. He is so cute!
Gabe dancing. When you can't move anything else, you rock the head.

Winding down from a fun day home with mum. Reading some story books.


Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

Oh yeah!! I love Andrew's face! That is so much fun that they are so close in age. Cousins are the best!

Mimi Sue said...

It's so nice to have cousins almost your age to grow up with. He's a lucky boy.