Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday night and the amazing Delta Goodrem!

This past Saturday night while Brad went to the Priesthood session of conference and dinner with his dad and brothers, I was lucky enough to go and see one of my favorite Aussie singers perform at The Keys on Main downtown. My amazing sister in law Shanna came to my house and watched Gabe for me so that I could go (THANKS SHANNA!).

I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, I was so excited. What made the evening even more special was that my dad and his wife, my brother Ben and his wife and my brother Josh were also there. It was so much fun to share the experience with some of my family. Delta was gorgeous and sounded phenomenal live. You have to have respect for someone who can write their own songs, sing while playing the piano and sound that amazing. She seems like such a sweet person too.

When she came out to perform she had to walk right past our table which was exciting. As she walked past I called out to her and said "Aussie Aussie Aussie". That certainly got her attention and she looked over at us and said "Hey!". Throughout her performance she kept giving a shout out to our table after I had made it known to her that we were Aussies. She even sang the song I requested first! It was so much fun. Her fiance Brian McFadden was also at the concert. He used to be a member of a boy band called Westlife and is big in the UK. Funnily enough nobody knew who he was at the concert. I don't know that anyone over here would have even heard of his boy band.

After the concert we were able to meet Delta and get a couple of pictures with her. It was so much fun!

Delta and Ben on the left and Josh on the right.

The girl on the left in this picture is a girl who I knew from home. She also married an American and lives here now. Her name is Jorjia Rancie. It was crazy to run into her at the concert. Dad knows her family well.

Delta at the piano

This is a terrible pic...oh well. It was fun anyway. Me with Delta's fiance Brian McFadden.

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