Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Floury Little Helper

I had to post these pictures.

Last night while I was making a cheesy garlic Stromboli to go with dinner Gabe decided he wanted to help. We have been battling him for a few months now as he likes to climb onto the kitchen chairs and then onto the kitchen table (NOT safe). He tends to do this when I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen, I'm sure in an attempt to get Mummy's attention. Rather than getting mad at him for doing this (which I tried but had no success with) I decided that to try and take the michevious fun out it and while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen I bring the kitchen chair over to where I am and let him stand on it beside me while I do my thing. Usually I set him up right beside me so that he has access to our utensil draw and that keeps him entertained while I work. Last night I was flouring the kitchen bench in preparation to roll the dough and as soon as the flour was on the bench and within his reach he leaned over and put his hand in it, and proceeded to wipe it down his face and through his hair. Not sure why, but it did make for some funny pics and he kept saying "Mmmmmmmmm."


Mimi Sue said...

He's quite the little helper. So cute. You've been doing a lot of baking. All of it looks delish.

Jill said...

That looks so familiar. Haley is in to everything too. Bad news is you have awhile to go. Good news is they are still so cute.