Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am having a hard time putting my feelings into words this morning. In fact, if I could manage to stop crying long enough to process my feelings I may just be able to get this post done. This week a friend of mine (Kellie) had a baby boy (Luke Nicholas). I am so happy for her and her husband Nick and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at pictures on both her blog and the blog of her sister Jill.

Yesterday while I was looking at the pictures of Kellie in the hospital waiting to have the baby, I noticed a photo that really touched me. In fact it touched me so much that thoughts of this picture have occupied my mind since I saw it. The picture is of Kellie's sister Jill rubbing Kellie's feet while she was lying on the hospital bed waiting to deliver her son. Before you think I'm crazy for being so touched by this, let me explain.

This photo of Jill touched me on a few different levels. First of all I thought about what a kind and unselfish act of service that was for her to perform for her sister. I can only try to imagine how excited and anxious Kellie must have been feeling those hours prior to giving birth to her little boy. To be able to share that with a sister and to have that sister perform such s simple but significant act of service during such a special and sacred time really touched me. It reminded me so much of Christ and how he washed the feet of his disciples. Sometimes it is the smallest acts of service we perform for family members and friends that can make the biggest difference in their lives.

Women deliver babies everyday. Family members get excited for the babies to arrive, they get excited to visit the babies in the hospital and look forward to watching the baby grow. But I wonder -how often does the mother who is delivering the child have someone like Jill to rub her feet? It is so much more than just a physical act. It is a sign of love and humility. I am the only girl in my family of 5. I have four younger brothers who I love dearly. Though I will probably never get to experience this act for myself, I hope that the opportunity presents itself for me to do this for someone I love someday.

I hope that I am always sensitive to the needs of my family members and friends and can be of service to them just as Jill was to her sister Kellie.

Jill let me steal this picture from her blog. Thanks Jill!


Brian and Shanna said...

I love your new background! And I just wanted to tell you that you have always been such a sweetheart and so sensitive to the needs of others and I have really appreciated that! Family is so wonderful and I think that the best service we can do is to our families whether or not they understand or appreciate it. Luv ya and thanks for sharing!!

Jill said...


Thank you, thank you Natalie for your kind words. Really, I was bowled over reading this, and you make me sound like some kind of saint. I can tell you that I loved being there with Kellie in the hospital. She is the bravest girl I know, and when something is hard for her, I know I'm really in for it. :)

You made my day!


Mimi Sue said...

Such a lovely post, Natalie. It really touched me. Looks like you've been cooking up a storm. I'll try that Italian Chicken for sure. Always looking for a new chicken recipe. Don't hate me I'm wearing flip flops and enjoying the 70 degree weather. Be back next week. Miss you all. Sue

Melwel said...

How sweet was that, now I'm crying too.
You are great..thanks for sharing your thoughts

Kellie said...

This was a really sweet post Nat. Thank you! Jill really has always been so thoughtful. Gotta love sisters

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I loved this post!

I saw that you were linked to me, so I thought I would head over and check out your blog. Do you want me to add you to the list of Utah Food Blogs? Also--I swear that your husband grew up in the same neighborhood that I did as a kid. Ask him if he remembers Lindsey Rose. I was in his primary class. :)