Friday, April 3, 2009

I am the winner of a blog giveaway!

Priscilla over at Priscilla's Bakes ( amazing! She is only 17 years of age and has this fabulous food blog- You MUST check it out! I love her blog and check it out daily. She is always whipping up something yummy in her kitchen and sharing her recipes and fun stories about her friends and family with all of her followers. She is one of 6 kids! All I can say is that her 5 siblings must be some of the luckiest and most well fed kids around. I sure wish I had of had a sister like Priscilla growing up!

This past week Priscilla had a giveaway on her blog. This is what her giveaway blog said:

I'd love to know who my readers are. Love to see who you are.

So, to enter send me a picture of yourself. It can be with a friend, family member, your pet, or just a picture of you.
All the pictures I receive of my readers will be up on my blog with the winner picked randomly.

Send your picture here:

Yes, the prize. The winner will get to pick a bag of your choice from this shop: OliveAndBubby. Terie has some pretty amazing bags, perfect spring bags with spring right around the corner. Will help you get in that much wanted warmer weather spirit.
Deadline is: Friday at 9 o'clock AM and the winner will be announced that afternoon.

This is a picture of Priscilla and her buddy Jack. Check out that tan. I'm jealous!

I was more than happy to submit an entry to this giveaway. Mostly because I love to show off pictures of my gorgeous baby Gabe. Who would have thought I would actually win. This morning when I got into work and was perusing food blogs, I was floored to see that I had won. Check out Priscilla's blog to see our winning photo and all the cute comments about my beautiful family.

I am so excited for my prize. I chose this gorgeous bag from Olive and Bubby - Check out the website. They have the cutest bags etc.

THANKS PRISCILLA!- You made my week!


Brian and Shanna said...

That is SO AWESOME!!! Congrats!

Corey and Liesl said...

CONGRATS NAT!! I love the new title of your blog-it's perfect! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Priscilla said...

Wow Natalie, thank you thank you! This made MY day! I know, I wish I had that tan again too....all I can say is good ol' California sun!

Have a great day!