Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carrot and Parsnip Mash- Don't knock it till you try it!

Another favorite dish of mine growing up was carrots and parsnip mash. Whenever possible, my mother would serve this side with our weekly Sunday roast lamb. (Oh how I miss our roast lamb with mint sauce and gravy served with roasted potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Mmmmmm). My father and brothers didn't like this side or rather my father didn't like it and my brothers refused to try it so my mother and I were the only ones who would eat it. I really could eat this every day and actually prefer it to mashed potatoes. When my mother came over for dinner on Mothers Day I made this side to serve with our meal and as usual my brothers wouldn't touch it nor would my mother’s husband or my husband. That was fine by us - we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Carrot and Parsnip Mash

Roughly 5 medium sized carrots
Roughly 2 medium sized parsnips
1 tablespoon of butter
Salt and pepper for seasoning


Cut the carrots and parsnips into fairly small pieces and either boil in a small amount of water or steam until soft. Drain off the water, add butter and salt and pepper. Using a potato masher, mash as you would potatoes.


PheMom said...

This is me, now writing "I am a bad friend" 100 times on the black board! If it is any consolation, I was having a hard time finding your blog. I had it bookmarked on my old laptop, which died, but I just found your comment on someone else's blog!

What I would like to know though, is when you are going to join The Hive (the group I started for food bloggers in Utah- link on my blog)? Well, and I want to know when we are going to hang out again too! :P

The Astons said...

Hi Natalie - I'm so glad to read that everything is OK with Gabe - there is nothing worse than seeing your babies in pain and not knowing what is wrong or what's going to happen.....we're SO glad he's OK!!

The camera I use is a canon EOS 40D i love it!! What camera do you play with????