Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Farmington Whoop dido’s

I had to share these pictures. They were too cute not to share. Keep in mind that I was sitting in the front seat taking these whilst bumping up and down and laughing hysterically all while I had my seatbelt on of course.

In Farmington there are two roads that link up that have these fun "The Whoop dido’s." At least that is what my husband calls them. I would just call them big dips in the road. Anyway, this particular road is right by the horses we go and visit on a regular basis. This last time we went to see the "horsies" I happened to have my camera and so took these shots of Gabe as we went over the bumps. We have been over these so many times, that by now he knows the road and within half a mile of the actual bumps he starts getting excited or anxious about what is ahead.


Recognizing the road- He knows what is coming

Quick ditch the bottle and brace. This was the first time he covered his ears as we approached the "Whoop dido’s." Not sure what that was about.

Uh oh here we go... You can actually see his stomach drop. We are so mean!

Ah that was fun! Cutest smile EVER!

Uh oh here comes another one. It's a nail biter.

Quick cover your don't want to hear this!

Here we go




Barbara Bakes said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Shandy said...

How cute! Your little is so camera friendly too =D

Chelsea said...

Your little guy sure is cute! You have commented on my food blog, so I am not just randomly looking! I promise!

The Astons said...

That smile is SO cute!!!!!!

Corey and Liesl said...

Hey Nat!! I love the natural curls!! My Gabriel also has lots of curly hair and luckily he likes to keep it long even though he is almost 8...long hair is "in" right now so that's good for me-I LOVE his was so hard to have his hair cut the 1st time. He has actually had his head shaved a couple of times and it always grows back just as curly! Love the pix-your Gabers is so photogenic!!