Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with the ducks

This past Friday, we braved the crazy stormy weather and took Gabe to feed the ducks. Gabe LOVES to feed the ducks! I mean what kid doesn't? He loves anything to do with animals so we can often be found either feeding the ducks, or visiting the horses and cows in Farmington. It is nice to have something he loves to do so much that is close to home and FREE! I think that taking him to see the animals as often as we do has also helped him with learning all the animals and their associated sounds. He can do almost any animal sound now and it is so cute to watch him do it. He can do lamb/sheep, goat, duck, frog, bird, cow, horse, elephant, dog, cat, bee, lion, tiger and I know I'm probably forgetting some.

For those who don't see our Gabe much here are some pics. Excuse the terrible ones of me. Brad was having lots of fun with our new camera!

He has quite the arm!

While we were feeding the ducks there was another little family feeding the ducks along side us. They had a little boy who was probably about 3 and his name was also Gabe which was fun. It isn't a overly common name we are finding. He and our Gabe made friends and when the other Gabe ran out of bread our Gabe was so cute and offered some of his. Funnily enough the kid put it straight into his mouth. Good thing it wasn't old bread that was stale or worse moldy!

Gabe just has the most awesome smile! It absolutely thrills me to see him get excited about things.

See the slope right in front of us? Yeah Gabe got a little too close a couple of times and freaked me out. Of course Brad just thought it was funny and laughed and kept on snapping away!


I love this photo. He is growing up way too fast and before I know it, he won't want to hold my hand and walk beside me any more. Sniff sniff!

C'mon Mum- Lets run away from Daddy!

My angel!

Feeding the ducks was officially over when Gabe decided it was time to sit on the dirty sand and dig in it with his hands. EEEEKKKK!!!


The Astons said...

I love these pics! What beautiful mother/son 'captured' memories!! It has been ages since we've fed 'the ducks'. I think it is time again :)

Oh and my oldest son Rylan was looking at your blog earlier and we were looking at all the delicious food you make and he said "mum this is the best blog i've ever seen! hahaha - I really need to make some of your treats for me kids :)

Brian and Shanna said...

Oh how cute! I really do love the pic of you and Gabe holding hands and walking! That is framed wall good!! You guys are the best parents ever!!

ThisBigSister said...

I'm trying to figure out which duck pond you are at. Looks like fun, let me know. Have a good weekend.