Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I LOVE Monday!

While most people, at least most working people and possibly school kids dread Monday's - I love them. Monday is the day I get to stay home with my little one. Monday is the one day of the week I can honestly say I look forward to and love. My Monday's are special and even sacred to me. It is a day where I get to wake up in the morning and cuddle on the couch with my little guy as we watch Elmo, Curious George and Sid the Science Kid in our pajamas. We cook together, we read together, we feed the ducks, play at the park, talk (Gabe and I have some awesome conversations), we listen to the radio while we eat lunch and sing and groove together, we sit outside on the porch and watch the birds, cars, trucks, kids and on Monday's the garbage truck (a fave for Gabe), we eat and take naps or Gabe eats and takes naps and I fold laundry and clean- either way Monday's are wonderful!

A couple of Monday's ago Gabe and I had a fun time doing some finger painting. He loves to finger paint and I love to see his excitement. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to have Monday with my baby and I look forward in the future to a week full of Monday's. =)

Look Mum!


Brian and Shanna said...

How fun! I love Monday for you!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! What a cutie pie!!