Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crazy Lady

The firm that I work for has a big Halloween party every year on Halloween. I am currently on the secretaries committee at the firm and so have a significant role in planning all of the social events. For some, Halloween is quite a serious deal and quite a few of the staff including attorneys really get dressed up. This year was no exception.

We had a "big dipper" dip making contest and had some yummy desserts. All of the committee members made and brought food for the party too. However, I was the only one crazy/dumb enough to commit to making a spinach artichoke dip, hot bacon dip and creamy salsa cream cheese dip, as well as a strawberry poke cake, homemade Oreo cookies, a cheesecake, and witches brooms. I LOVE to cook and bake but this was an impossible feat even for me. So I employed the services of my sister in law Shanna and on Thursday night we had something of a bake off at my house. It was crazy! Gabe is currently teething and recently had an ear infection so he didn’t want daddy, but wanted mum to hold him the whole time. It was quite the experience! All in all though, the food was yummy and the party was a success. However, the question still remains...Why do I constantly do this to myself?

The cheesecake. A lady at work gave me the gummy spiders and flies to put on top.

Shanna assured me that purple and orange were Halloween colors.

I had to leave the party before we ate so I didn't get to cut the cake. (strawberry poke cake)

My witches brooms. I should have used smaller pretzels. They were still cute though.

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